class schedule


Introductory Session
Our Introductory Session is a 60-minute session with one of our talented instructors. Your instructor will talk to you about your goals, introduce you to the studio and the equipment, teach you Pilates fundamentals and some exhiliarating movement. To close your session, your teacher will help you to decide on a Pilates plan of action that is right for you. Schedule an Introductory Session.

Starter Series
After your introductory session, or in place of it, you may choose our Starter Series. You'll enjoy five private sessions at a discounted rate, along with a personal customized workout plan, that will jumpstart your Pilates practice and get you well on your way to the famous results promise from Joseph Pilates: "In 10 sessions you'll feel a difference, in 20 sessions you'll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body! Schedule your first session.

Private Pilates Sessions
Each one-on-one session focuses on the client’s individual needs and goals. The session incorporates work on several pieces of the Pilates apparatus; Studio 4 Pilates is a fully equipped studio with 5 Reformers, 4 Ped-i-Puls, a Cadillac, 5 Combo Chairs, a High Barrel, and several smaller pieces. The blend of mat exercises, stretching, core strengthening, and resistance training will leave you feeling taller, stronger, and refreshed! Schedule a session.

Private Yoga Sessions
Each one-on-one session focuses on the client’s individual needs and goals. Linda Grace will work with you to create a personalized home program and provide yoga poses (both active and restorative) that will help you balance your body, creating ease and a sense of groundedness. Schedule a session.


Z-Health Assessment/Consultation
One of our certified Z-Health practitioners will work with you to determine your movement goals and to assess your needs. Using simple joint mobility drills, you will see improvement in your strength, flexibility, and pain in just one session! You will also receive a set of drills to do as homework in order to make these positive changes a permanent part of your system. Each assessment session includes a copy of a movement manual and a DVD, so that you can review your drills and perform them accurately.

More about Z-Health.

Schedule a Z-Health session.

Z-Health Maintenance Session
After you have your initial Z-Health assessment session, one of our certified Z-Health practitioners will work with you to continue improving the accuracy of your drills, adding new ones to keep you moving on the path to optimal functionality, pain free living, and high-level performance!

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Schedule a Z-Health session.

Semi-Private Pilates Sessions
Using the same approach as the private sessions, the semi-private sessions are customized to the needs and goals of 2-3 clients who book together. Much of the work is done on the Reformer with the same blend of mat exercises, stretching, and core strengthening.
Email us to set up a semi-private session for you and 1-2 others.

Equipment Classes
Equipment class is a vigorous and energetic workout which focuses primarily on the Reformer and incorporates other equipment for a well-rounded class. Equipment class students meet specific requirements before being cleared for participation (see your instructor for details). Always supplement your Equipment classes with group classes and private sessions! Limit: 5 people. Sign up for class.

Group Classes
Studio 4 Pilates offers several group classes per week. Workouts include traditional Pilates matwork, TowelworkTM, Small Barrels, and more. We also offer yoga and Chi Gong. See Class Schedule for days and times.

Offsite Sessionsg
We offer private one-on-one or small group sessions in your home or office. This customized Pilates mat workout incorporates foam rollers, balls, straps, and light weights. Of course, if you are lucky enough to own any of the Pilates apparatus, your workouts will incorporate that as well! Cost is divided by number of clients participating. Schedule by emailing the studio.

Open Studio / Independent Workout
For our consistent clients who are committed to the work, we offer an independent workout option. During set hours during the week, these pre-approved clients can come in to the studio and take themselves through an equipment workout on their own! This provides an economical way to get more time on the equipment, thus deepening one's practice.