Studio 4 Pilates is thrilled to be one of six studios across the country entrusted with disseminating the internationally acclaimed Fletcher Pilates, the authentic evolution of the traditional Pilates work. Ron studied with Joseph and Clara Pilates (along with other movement legends such as Martha Graham) before teaching and evolving the work on his own. Our students are from all over the Bay Area, and from as far away as Reno, Nevada. Our teaching faculty includes Catherine Anderson, Senior Facilitator, and Christy Crowley.

In addition to the Fletcherwork, we are also proud to be a center for continuing education opportunities in a variety of styles and modalities. Check out our workshops!

Fletcher Pilates Licensing Courses:
Offering professionals an opportunity to learn to teach an element within the Fletcher Pilates movement program, each one-day course offers a testing option for a license to teach that element. Prerequisite to any of the licensing courses is the completion of an ABC's course, or comparable study.


ABC's course: June 12, or Sept 11 10-5pm

One of the elements of Fletcher Pilates that sets it apart from many other Pilates programs is its codified cuing system and percussive breath.  This course covers the Fletcher Percussive Breath™ technique, the Standing & Centering™ Cues, the Fletcher Fundamentals™,  and Pilates Movement Principles.  This is the foundation of all Fletcher Pilates® study and practice. This is a terrific course for Pilates students, teachers in training, and even for experienced teachers.  This course is a pre-requisite to all Fletcher Licensing Courses.

$250 includes materials and licensing fees. Take this course with any other licensing course, and get both for $450. Register here.

TowelworkTM: June 13 10-5pm

Get licensed to teach the Fletcher Towelwork! Developed by Ron Fletcher over 30 years ago, the Towelwork is series of dynamic standing exercises that work postural strength, shoulder girdle strength and flexibility, and overall body toning. Designed primarily as a licensing and continuing education opportunity for Pilates teachers, this course also provides an excellent opportunity for teachers and students of other movement disciplines.

$250 includes materials and licensing fees. Early bird and PMA discounts available. Register here.

FloorworkTM: September 12 10-5m

Spice up your Pilates Mat classes with Fletcher Floorwork®! Ron studied with Joseph Pilates, Martha Graham, Yieichi Nimura, and Agnes DeMille. This body of work reflects that study by building upon and progressing the original Pilates matwork with thoughtful and creative expression, focusing on a variety of spinal mechanics, hip strength and flexibility, and awareness of the center. Floorwork is dynamic, utilizing seated, kneeling, and supine positions with direction changes.

$250 includes materials and licensing fees. Early bird and PMA discounts available. Register here.

Matwork: December 11 10-5pm

The essential course for movement professionals! Learn the traditional Pilates Mat exercises overlaid with the signature percussive breath of the Fletcherwork. This style of teaching Joseph Pilates' famous exercises creates a flowing, challenging workout.

$250 includes materials and licensing fees. Early bird and PMA discounts available. Register here.

Comprehensive Teacher Training Program:
This year long program takes the student through the process to becoming a professional pilates teacher. This is a comprehensive program covering all aspects of equipment, anatomy, teaching techniques and performance. Commitment includes six five-day intensives, observation, self-practice, and practice teaching hours. Contact Catherine for more information.

Continuing Education Workshops: Studio 4 Pilates strives to provide area teachers with inspiring master teachers presenting relevent topics. Past presenters have included Diane Severino, Tom McCook, Sherri Betz, and Morton Ditmer.

Teaching the Pre/Post-Natal Body with Sherri Betz, PT

Sunday, May 23, 10am-6pm

Sherri Betz, physical therapist, Pilates teacher, and women’s health specialist teaches this full day workshop outlining the changes that occur in the body during pregnancy and following birth and the best approach when working with this population.A great opportunity for Pilates teachers, personal trainers, massage therapists, and others who work with this population.

$250, PMA CEC’s offered. Register here.


Fletcher Pilates Move and Review:

For all Fletcher teachers and licensees we offer this great opportunity to review the work. Take class, review choreography, ask questions, and get any updates for the element/elements in which you maintain a license.


Alumni Move and Review

Saturday, August 21, 1-5pm

For comprehensive program graduates only, this will provide an in-depth study opportunity. $100