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What is Z-Health?
Z-Health®, created by Dr. Eric Cobb,
is a high tech, cutting-edge exercise
system designed expressly for retraining
your nervous system. Z-Health
offers you an ultra-fast approach to
getting out of pain, optimizing your
health, and maximizing your athletic

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How Does Z-Health Target Nerves?
Z-Health targets the nervous system through very specific
joint range of motion exercises called dynamic joint
mobility drills. These exercises offer a powerful pathway
to making your nervous system smarter about movement.
This translates into a smoother, faster, more powerful, and
more coordinated you!

Why Use Joints First Before Muscles?
Specific joint movements are one of the best ways to
communicate with the nervous system. The reason for this
is that the joints have a very high concentration of nerve
endings surrounding them that provide direct feedback to
your nervous system. This feedback tells your body where
it is in space, how fast it is moving, and what movements are safe. By re-training
and waking up these nerve endings through specific joint
mobility drills, you can help your body get out of pain and
learn how to perform at your true genetic potential.

What Does Z-Health Look Like?

People say it looks like a lot of things — from yoga to
martial arts to dance to stretching and every other named
system under the sun. We don’t consider this unusual
because the body can only move in so many ways. What
makes Z-Health different from so many other systems is
not the exercises so much as how you perform them.
The depth and specificity of Z-Health makes it very
different from many other approaches to mobility. Plus,
the actual training techniques - and its focus on the
neural components of the process - make it extremely fast
and effective.

How do I go about trying it out?
You'll want to start with an assessment session which is 55 minutes in length and includes a complete personalized assessment and map to achieve your movement goals. You will see improvement in your strength, flexibility, and pain in just one session! You will also receive a set of drills to make these positive changes a permanent part of your system. Each assessment session includes a copy of a movement manual and a DVD, so that you can review your drills and perform them accurately. Assessment sessions are $150 and followup sessions are $100. Click here to schedule a session